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Hi there! I am Dr Bill Price

I’m a real person facing the same real issues that you are and learning from others and from my mistakes and successes.

I am a strategic sage their guides and helps high achievers and teams to reach their personal and business summits in their lifetime.

I am passionate and absolutely love what I do from the essence of who I am. My personal wins  include- an interesting 45 years of marriage to Estelle, two children, four grandchildren, a conscious and aware of focus and intent on becoming my exponential version of me.


Lead: focuses on executive leadership and doing it with insight and effective ethical productivity


Love: focuses on exceptional and outstanding interpersonal relationships. We grow and are healed within the dynamics of relationships both in life and in the world of work.


Live:  focuses on being rather than doing, living your exceptional version of life in total awareness, gratitude and humility knowing deeply that living,” you reason”, is the most satisfying and fulfilling encounters that you can have. Fully aware and fully alive!


 Regular integrative internalized sessions for  personal lasting success

The focus is on sustainable achievement rather than short-term easy wins

 This is your personal guide on the narrow road to lasting success

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CMTALKS ™: Coaching and mentoring talks is being positioned to become the most talked about and watched,”go-to space”, for thought leadership in business, government, civic, NGO and private world space.

TED TALKS ™  All well-known for the sharing of ideas and for creative ideation, CMTALKS™  as a passion and purpose and focus on the coaching and mentoring of creative ideas and concepts.

We are passionate about developing, optimizing engaging, inspiring challenging and pushing boundaries so that we can empower cross-generational early, cross-culturally and across all levels of all sectors of the economy.

We are super passionate about the science and art of coaching and mentoring and aim to prove that just knowing something is not enough. Personal development and growth takes place when something that is known, or not known, is applied in a,” how to turn this into a reality,”  and

“ let me do this and learn,” mode of thinking. We are devoted to spreading coaching and mentoring of ideas in the short powerful talks and coaching and mentoring presentations.

CMTALKS™  Is an international community welcoming experts and thought leaders with a coaching and mentoring smart, from every discipline and culture who seek to be impactful in the development of a better and more understanding world.

We are building a coaching and mentoring-house for free knowledge, from best-inspired thinkers and thought leaders/coaches and mentors-

To guide and coach enthusiastic curious solves to engage in the real art of doing and testing what they know in order to impact their world and the greater world at large.

Coaching and mentoring compliments training and learning. Its main focus is on the application and the weaving into a personal reality and context, rather than just hanging around in the mind in the file,”WOW  that was a great talk and idea!”

Our agenda is to coach and mentor, great ideas and thoughts that have been shared so that they can be transformed into tried and tested experiential references that both inspire and impact the world around us.

Our aim is to build a tribe whose drumbeat will be different as it resounds through the Earth based on a coaching and mentoring sustainable action plan.

To make your dreams faults and ideas come true, you have to stay awake!

We acknowledge and thank our associates and partners for the magic support and acknowledgement that coaching and mentoring is critical too intentional integrated learning, knowing and training. 

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Coaching and Mentoring Talks for

  • C-suite Executives
  • Principals, HOD’s and Deans
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Executives
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Ecumenical Leaders

In the

Issachar Academy of

Future-focused™ Leaders

  • Personal Spirituality.
  • Excellent Inter-personal

Relationships with all types of Couples.

  • Millennial Generation
  • Boomer Generation

Third Phase sojourners.