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Hi there! I am Dr Bill Price!

I’m a real person facing the same real issues that you are and learning from others and from my mistakes and successes.

I am a strategic sage their guides and helps high achievers and teams to reach their personal and business summits in their lifetime.

I am passionate and absolutely love what I do from the essence of who I am. My personal wins  include- an interesting 45 years of marriage to Estelle, two children, four grandchildren, a conscious and aware of focus and intent on becoming my exponential version of me.


Lead: focuses on executive leadership and doing it with insight and effective ethical productivity


Love: focuses on exceptional and outstanding interpersonal relationships. We grow and are healed within the dynamics of relationships both in life and in the world of work.


Live:  focuses on being rather than doing, living your exceptional version of life in total awareness, gratitude and humility knowing deeply that living,” you reason”, is the most satisfying and fulfilling encounters that you can have. Fully aware and fully alive!



Discover Keys to your best life!


Discover Keys to your best life!


Discover Keys to your best life!