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Corporate Coaching and Mentoring


We offer your team the opportunity to first complete an online evaluation to discover if the team are ready for Coaching and Mentoring to be introduced into the culture.

It measures:

Basic understanding of concepts

The basic profile of ideal coach/mentor

Time management and availability

Mind-frames that will add value and hinder the process

Coachee/Protégé readiness

Obtaining Buy-in ideation

Design of effective optimized pre-launch/launch/pre-training and training in-house with follow up and follow through measurable ROI process which also measures engagement all the way through.

Introducing Coaching and Mentoring into your company culture and climate – a guided process

  • We use the abovementioned C/M-Readiness Profile
  • We co-design with all the stakeholders in the company
  • We Train the Trainers and/or Train In-house coaches and Mentors on a 4 day scattered integrated learning process which includes the weaving of the local company’s culture and strategic objectives together with a context-specific ROI evaluation process.

All trainees receive an Accredited Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring;

  • Manager Coach-Mentor

Focusing on:


Effectiveness and efficiency

Problem Solving tools and


Conscious conversations ™

Engagement Conversations




  • We design feedback process with relevant documentation without administrative stress to all concerned
  • We roll-out the process and hold hands-process with group empowerment while roll-out is in progress
  • Internal Coaches /Mentors Group Supervision and Empowerment process
  • We can train the Trainer and Train Internal Coach-Mentor Managers on an Accredited Course
  • We also offer regular Group Supervision empowerment Process for in-house coaches/mentors to ensure their;
  • Personal development and growth
  • Ethical soundness
  • Group Ideation and problem-solving
  • Adding value to the company culture and overall productivity and inter-personal relationship dynamics

C-Suite and Executive Team Strategic Leadership Coaching

  • We use our dynamic L.E.E.E.P.P.P.(TM), Model
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Quality thinking and Leading Out methodology
  • All based on the Context specifics and Real-time strategic rollout, KPA, Leadership Competencies and Objectives of the company

Workshops for supervisor’s managers and Leaders on the Purpose and Power of Coaching and Mentoring

  • This is a 2-hour interactive workshop with Q &A
  • The team will understand the basic parameters of what it is all about
  • They complete their Profile as an Ideal Coach/Mentor from which they glean much-added value information.

In House Speaker of Note for Small Conferences/Special Occasions

Dr Bill Price is:

    • a most professional, excellence-focused entertaining, provocative and Outstanding speaker of note, that does not do the ordinary.
    • He is a Futurist (UK International Group: FORESIGHT)
    • He is a Fellow of the SA Institute of Company Directors
    • An International Neuroscience Practitioner
    • A member of the Simplicity University in SA

 He Speaks on;

  • Multi-generational Management Techniques
  • The Mind and Heart of a Leader (based on his brain profiling of top C-suite leaders)
  • Your exponential version of YOU – the leader
  • The Unfolding Future
  • You can’t walk into the future backwards!

 We also offer:

 Safety Coach Course In-house training 4

4 day scattered course which is also accredited

Benefits to your team and company include:

  • Proven measurable results based on execution
  • Value add to bottom lines in ROI terms
  • Grounded in best feedback from S African and African examples of success and failure
  • Effective coherent Team-ness
  • Conscious awareness is woven into the culture
  • Effective focused on time execution
  • Closure of gaps, shifts and ego-aliveness
  • Manage with our P.O.E.M ™ model across down the organization
  • Connection rather than communication

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